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We partner with leading providers of LiDAR technology from around the world in the field of planning and engineering. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) uses laser beams to map out virtually any physical environment with extreme precision.

Our application of this cutting-edge laser technology gives us the most accurate method available at present to identify key technical aspects of the proposed infrastructure project. LiDAR empowers our team to attain outstanding accuracy and deliver superior results for our clients and their challenges.

3D City Planning and Modelling

Thanks to our partner’s leading-edge technology we are able to provide GIS-based graphical and high-resolution 3D profiles to test a project’s viability rigorously.

Pictometry & Satellite Imagery

Our partnership with the service specialists affords us more technical information to design the best solution for our clients. The oblique aerial imagery gives a natural perspective to help visualise concepts from every angle. We can also carry out specialised terrain mapping with extreme precision.

Smart Car Parking Technologies

Our smart technologies provider works with us to optimise parking utilisation and improve operational parking efficiency for our clients and their car park users. Features including available parking spaces notifier create safe, easy-flow parking services.

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