Master planning

We offer master planning for sustainable urban developments. Our focus is on defining a realistic implementation plan that maximises benefits for communities. Our master planning is in balance with the aspirations of communities and the budget of our clients.

SNG International Consultants’ approach acknowledges the interdependence of communities and urban systems in the future of our developments. Keeping an eye on the effects of global issues like economic uncertainty and climatic changes is also a priority.

We have done master planning across countries to make urban spaces better places to live, work and play. Our emphasis is on offering innovative solutions for new and existing towns. We do this by partnering with experienced service providers and using cutting-edge technologies to give cost-effective solutions to our clients.

In addition to this, we also provide 3D modelling & visualisation, these are:

  • Urban Mapping Solutions
  • 3D City Modelling using Laser & Imagery data
  • 3D Master Plan Rendering

Transport planning & engineering

At SNG International Consultants, we believe that resilient and efficient transport networks are vital for the economy, accessibility, and the environment. Integrated planning is important to ensure that the country thrives with well-connected networks that work coherently for all kinds of users.

Our transport planning and traffic engineering team have technical expertise and planning background. We take pride in supporting the vision of our clients. We achieve this by employing the latest technical methods and software. We provide the following services:

  • Transport Master Plans
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Intelligent Transport Solutions
  • Public Transit Planning

Roadway inspection system using Laser scanning

By measuring the condition of all the of the road design aspects, adequacy and compliance with the design standards, it is possible to identify risks & mitigations, priorities and budget requirements. These help to maintain the structural integrity of road networks as a key to improving road safety.

Laser scanning is a terrestrial laser-imaging system which creates very accurate 3D model. We use this technique for data collection and analysis as the most accurate, cost-effective and safe method compared to traditional methods.

Using laser scanning, we are also able to combine surface and subsurface information. This enables us to better understand the structure under investigation.


Mapping for highway corridor studies using LIDAR

In collaboration with our strategic partners, we offer broad and diverse highway corridor studies to our clients.

We use state-of-the-art LiDAR technologies to achieve safety, efficiency and cost effective solutions capable of quickly collecting terrain data across large areas. Once we have studied this data, we evaluate route options and prepare optimal alignments and grade designs for our clients.This allows us to examine the environment with greater flexibility and precision than ever before.

Our highway corridor studies also seek to identify the mix of transportation enhancements. These would be most effective in transporting both people and goods in specific travel corridors. They would also be beneficial for balancing these improvements with the available funding and concerns of the neighbouring communities.


Road safety audits review & technical report

Our outstanding level of expertise is largely down to our experienced and qualified road safety specialists. We have an impressive record of undertaking RSAs and soliciting dependable road safety advice including mitigation measures for the design of new and existing road infrastructure.


School transport planning

Collaborations in this sector begin and end for us with communicating with the transport and education authorities involved. We offer strategy development, management, and planning for safe, effective and convenient school transport systems. Our services also extend to the creation of School Safety Zones that encourage drivers to exercise caution within school zones.


Peer review

Planning and engineering have a strict quality standard for design. We provide high-level independent peer review evaluations of designs performed by expert staff. This eradicates design errors from the project’s early design stages which will improve public safety and save our client’s time and money.

Our experienced team of professionals is happy to offer independent evaluations of project designs. These help to enhance public safety by verifying that there are no errors in the engineering design.While performing a peer review for clients, we make sure that we adhere to strict quality standards.


Car parking smart technologies

Inadequately managed parking spaces mean dissatisfied customers. To overcome this issue, we partner with leading technology providers to offer smart technologies, such as ANPR, smart sensors and parking software platform integrated with a mobile application. These help to make car park management more efficient. The system typically obtains information about empty parking spaces in a certain geographic area. It then processes it in real-time to park vehicles at the available places.

By informing drivers of available spaces in a parking area, the whole experience becomes less stressful and more productive. Not to mention that payment and compliance are easier.

This also helps to improve occupancy of under-utilised parking spaces. When used as a system, smart parking reduces emissions in urban areas as people no longer need to circle city blocks to search for parking spaces.

Other benefits of car park smart technologies solutions are:

  • Real time enforcement
  • Unattended enforcement and elimination of parking abuse
  • Extended infrastructure lifespan and decreased cost of maintenance
  • Provision of virtual digital permits for different user groups
  • Improved traffic circulation

Implementation of systems results in better car park management and an increased revenue for our clients.


Project management

We provide unrivalled project management expertise for our clients. Timelines and budgets are at the forefront of our management process while still delivering outstanding solutions. Hence we work closely with our clients to solve issues with a creative approach.