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Highway Projects

The new developments bring about economic and population growth with them. As a result of this, the traffic impact on the local roads and highway network increases. This can be an increase in traffic and goods movement and a demand to build new roads and improve existing ones. These matters are frequently addressed by the highway authorities. Their involvement will relate to the scale of the highway capacity needed.

In collaboration with our international technology partners, we committed to providing our clients with the best in the field. For this, we used the latest LIDAR technologies including 3D mapping, highway corridor studies, and multi-criteria route selection.

Service Provided:

Input and review into developing the highway design across the full spectrum. This ranged from the concept design to a detailed design.

We also evaluated alternative layouts using state of the art computerised techniques, both quantitative and qualitative. We provided a weighted score of criteria for an alternative layout design. These alternative options would be evaluated and selected, depending on economic factors and time taken to complete the work.

Input and review also included:

a) Developing a geometric design
b) Traffic model to determine link, ramps and weaving sections capacities & performance
c) Undertaking road safety audits (RSA)
d) Peer Review

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Singapore TMP

The 2013 Masterplan is not very different from this vision. It builds further on these themes, updating them to be relevant to the changed environment.

2013 TMP includes:

a) More connections to the MRT network provided by bus, walkways and cycle routes
b) Demand management approach such as encouraging the shifting of peak to off-peak periods
c) Making PT accessible to all and managing its impact on natural and built environment

Service Provided:

a) Technical advice to the LTA’s team on all aspects of the master plan
b) Analysis and recommendations on the road network improvement
c) Assessment and evaluation of road corridors and junctions’ operation
d) Proposing improvements to enhance walk-ability and PT options
e) Integrating transportation systems

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City Mall

Operating and managing a parking facility of approximately 500 spaces can be costly and time-consuming. But this can be achieved by putting a parking management plan with a well-thought-out access & circulation strategy.

This, as well as the use of the ANPR cameras technologies combined with integrated IT solutions for the management and analysis of parking facility proved to be of great benefit.

Service Provided:

Assessment of the parking facility access from local roads, including queuing analysis Study and propose internal traffic circulation. Proposed signage, marking and parking spot sensors. Priority traffic movement control within the facility and VMS

In collaboration with our technology partners, we provided integrated parking management solutions, to improve the operation of the facility by investing in parking technology solutions. This helped in optimizing parking space use, operation and maintenance cost efficiency. The plan has also improved safety and security while alleviating shoppers’ satisfaction.

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Binh Khanh Gio Bridge

This bridge is multi-million dollar replacement for the ferry serving B K district, designated as a new strategic link to connect the HCM City centre with Can Gio area.

At approximately 3.4 km long, the bridge spans over the Soai Rap river with four traffic lanes and has a posted speed of 60 kph.

Our provision of sub-consultancy and peer review services included:

a) Traffic volumes assumption: a crucial performance indicator to better cater for traffic surges at critical peak times.

b) Another indicator was a measure of the V/C (volume to capacity) ratio across the study area to detect feasible options.

Cost-Benefit analysis and B/C ratios was calculated for the individual concepts. Options investigated based on the results of the feasibility studies as well as guidelines and assumptions drawn from several relevant studies.

A number of sensitivity tests were undertaken and compared against the Do-Something results in the forecast year scenario.

This study assesses the link’s performance in the forecast year. Overall, the study focused on two options;

a) Do-Nothing, leave the current road system as is or;

b) Do-Something Scenario, take action to improve the transport infrastructure with the inclusion of the proposed link road.

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Nyabau Highway

The project is part of multi-phase east-west highway runs along northern coastal line. Approximately 80-kilometer-long, four lanes, high speed incorporating 4 interchanges and 5 bridges and 1 pedestrian bridge.

Service Provided

In collaboration with our consulting partners, we provided input and peer review into route selection, suggesting solutions for traffic issues and preparation of signs. Assessing effectiveness of proposed changes to highway alignment between intersections and major connectivity points.

Also assisted in in providing transportation and highway inputs into the scheme traffic model to assess intersections capacity, ramps and weaving sections, geometric concept design and cross sections , analysis of weaving sections, assessment of level of service for the design year and forecasted years.

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Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City (DMC) is a multi-purpose maritime zone. It is a mixed-use development for the naval industry. Housed on a man-made peninsula, it consists of industrial, commercial, residential and leisure facilities. A causeway connects the site to the wider road network. This provides access to Dubai’s principle expressways including Sheikh Zayed Road.

Service Provided:

We coordinated with the development’s master planners. The work included:

a) Estimation of the trip generation and parking rates for the proposed development
b) Reviewing the access arrangement and internal transport facilities of the proposed development
c) Carrying out critical junction analysis
d) TIS undertook following a review of an earlier Internal Traffic Study
e) Reviewing of workable options for both on and off-site bus services
f) Recommending and proposing solutions to reduce traffic

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Masdar City

Masdar City when fully built and occupied will house more than 50,000 residents.It plans to build an iconic, sustainable city. Masdar City is expected to become a major hub for future energy. It is located 13 km to the north-east of Abu Dhabi Island.

Service Provided:

Input included the review of the proposed mixed land uses, revolving around principles of sustainability. This was achieved by integrating a sustainable mode of transportation and infrastructure.

TMP input and review included an interchange and junction analysis for the key horizon years. This helped to assess their operational performance. We also reviewed the development’s travel demand model and ran traffic assignment with forecast volumes. We also evaluated the public transport, walking and cycling networks to promote healthy lifestyles. And assessing the development’s car parking for electric and conventional cars.

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Moon Flower Labour City

The Moon Flower City, which is also referred to as the Modern Residential City traffic impact study for a labour compound on a massive 336,000 sqm to accommodate 25,000 labourers.

SNG International Consultants have been commissioned by Moon Flower Real Estate LLC to undertake a transportation design review and Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for the Moon Flower City project located in Sector M36, Plot M36A in Musaffah area in Abu Dhabi.

Service Provided

Review and input into street design, parking design, traffic analysis, traffic calming measures, public transport and future LRT, walking and cycling facilities. Also worked on ensuring that the development is well integrated within the Musaffah transport master plan and planning standards developed by the competent authorities.

Input included:

a) Proposal of grade separated interchange and signalised junctions

b) Provision of safe and efficient pedestrian, cyclists and vehicular accesses

c) Provision of bus parking and management plan



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Dalma Mall Car Park

The project is to address traffic queuing and circulation problems in the Blue and Green Multi-storey Car Parks. As one of the largest malls in the region and a popular tourist destination, parking issues such as congestion, long periods of queuing and under-utilised parking on the upper floors is likely to negatively impact the customer experience.

Driver behaviour is a major contributor to the queuing issues experienced in both car parks. The ground floor is seen as more desirable by drivers as it has direct foot access to the mall, as well as being easier than driving to the upper floors. A range of issues were observed during site visits, including undesirable driver behaviour, conflicting and inaccurate road markings and signage, and a lack of parking technology and effective traffic management measures. The entrance and exit of the Green Car Park has a further conflict between the existing entrance and exit; however, this is a structural design issue and changing the entry and exit locations would adversely impact the logical circulation and access hierarchy, worsening the problem.

Service Provided 

Recommendations were made based on global best practices. Mitigation measures include methods that aim to minimise conflict points to reduce queuing and congestion, implement traffic management measures, improve existing road markings and signage to channel traffic appropriately, and improve driver behaviour. However, in order to meet future parking demands and accommodate growth, longer-term measures were also recommended, such as installing parking technology, creating new foot accesses, and access improvements including improvements to the surrounding road network and directional ramp access from the E30 highway to the car park buildings.



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School Zone Transport Infrastructure Improvements – MBZ City

In 2017 the Department of Transport (ITC) embarked on an ambitious project to study and propose mitigation measure to alleviate the existing traffic congestion throughout MBZ City an zone of approximately 4.6 million sqm comprising of 26 schools with student population of approximately 40,000 students.

Service Provided:

Studies and Reviews include the following:

1. Design of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for 37 new intersections; including CCTV Surveillance, Communication Links; Field Communication; Passive Elements; Active Equipment; Interfacing and Integration

2. Road Safety Audits for the entire road network in the area;

3. Assessment of each school access strategy;

4. Assessment of each school car and bus circulation and parking;

5. Highway and road capacity analysis;

6. Queuing characteristic analysis in the vicinity of each school;

7. Identifying wider road network requirements;

8. Sensitivity analysis of the proposed traffic improvements;

9. Proposal for sustainable transport including walking & cycling and public transport facilities.

10. Provision of high resolution geo-referenced satellite images of the project area.



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